Sunday, August 17, 2014


For a while I got caught up in trying to do things which would get in shows or would be sellable.

For an artist, this is the last thing you should do.  I am now "old" by many standards and dammit, I'm planning on doing what I'd like to have in my house and what really speaks to me, personally.  If I don't make a "series" so be it.

I am starting a new painting of the group of women in the room which I just did.  I am dissatisfied with the piece as it is.  I have repainted my large painting of the woman in the white dress with a black dress.  And I'm forgetting about "shows".  After all, I have gotten a fair amount of validation and this was an OBSTACLE rather than the impetus to go further.

I take Picasso as a model.  He did what he pleased and followed his instincts, no matter where they went.

The artist has to take risks.  I do not paint by a "method."  I do not paint fast as a rule.  I have chosen painting over other media at this point as the other media are too distracting.  I think again of what Edward Hopper said, that he paints, "without any funny stuff".  To stick to some sort of representational work makes it meaningful to me.

When I am doing something that really inspires, the work opens up and tells me a story, and after it's finished it seems a strange thing with even more stories to tell.

Note:  related to this brief comment is an earlier entry I made called DOING ART.  I reread it today and feel it explains my comments of today in a more detailed and complete way.

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