Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Secret

This piece is recently completed.

approx. 16 x 19", oil on board.

click on the painting and it will enlarge for viewing.


  1. Hello Chris - thanks for your nice comment on my blog - yours is lovely also !
    I do have a rather dark photo of an Irish woman beekeeper taken in the 18oo`s but can`t remember where I got it ! I know I googled `woman beekeepers`and came up with afew different sites. I have had this pic blown up and I like it although it is abit darkish.

    My eldest daughter is an artist, her name is Megan Hockly and you can google her also, put New Zealand by her name and you should see some of her work, it is very different to yours but thats art - I love her paintings.

  2. I am energised with the common use of red in your paintings. The Uchor, the redness of the substance that fills the veins of the Gods; while if they fall desirous of the human realm risk burning their feet having to walk on the same substance. There is another with a red table...I can't quite remember. This speaks to you as an older woman; refined, comfortable in your world, identified by the stupa and the items under the glass, a kundra perhaps? There is again the red table and the red breast. Lovely work.


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